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The contest entries are in here! Only the pieces that are in the contest entries folder are for the contest! Other things are simply gift art, request, trade, and other favorites of mine! ^_^



Ritsukochan has started a donation pool!
1,497 / 5,000
All donated points will be used as donations to others and as prizes for future contests! Even 1 point is very helpful to me and to others! >//< Thanks so much to everyone who donates! :iconloveloveplz:

Point Commission:
:bulletblue: 100 points (per character) Full form Pencil Drawing
:bulletblue: 800 points (per character) Colored Full Form
:bulletblue: 50 points (per character) Chibi Pencil Drawing
:bulletblue: 400 points (per character) Chibi Colored

Thank you! Please do note me or comment if you are looking to buy the commission! It really is so helpful to me! I am raising the points to make an additional prize for the contest!

C = Chibi
F = Fullform
:bulletred: Mitose and Keitarou F by ArtistAllie
:bulletred: Natsuyo F by ArtistAllie
:bulletred: Mitose F by ArtistAllie
:bulletred: Ritsuko + Keitarou F by godzilla23
:bulletred: Natsuyo + Makoto C by CottonCandyStar
:bulletblue: Soku + Mitose C by CottonCandyStar CANCELLED
:bulletred: Ket + Mitose C by CottonCandyStar
:bulletblue: Keitarou + Ritsuko C by CottonCandyStar
:bulletred: Natsuyo + Makoto by F CottonCandyStar
:bulletred: Keitarou + Ritsuko Victorian F by Grayalzz
:bulletorange: Haruki and Kiriko F by allenerie (600)
:bulletpurple: Natsuyo and Makoto F by allenerie
:bulletorange: Keitarou and Ritsuko F by allenerie
:bulletpurple: Mitose and Keitarou F by allenerie
:bulletblue: Haruki and Kiriko F by dyadav (260)
:bulletblue: Keitarou and Ritsuko F by Xuiology
:bulletblue: Mitose F by Xuiology
:bulletblue: Girls F by Xuiology
:bulletred: Mitose by Namae-san
:bulletorange: Girls F by Caim-The-Order (450)
:bulletblue: Makoto and Soku F by beastofdesire
:bulletblue: Haruki and Kiriko F by beastofdesire
:bulletred: Mitose and Keitarou F by Xamag-chan
:bulletred: Mitose F by tamakkun
:bulletblue: Mitose C by Panda-Prodigy
:bulletblue: Kiriko C by Panda-Prodigy
:bulletblue: Natsuyo C by Panda-Prodigy
:bulletblue: Haruki C by Panda-Prodigy
:bulletblue: Ritsuko C by Panda-Prodigy
:bulletblue: Ritsuko and Keitarou F by Jieanzy
:bulletblue: Keitarou and Mitose F by Jieanzy
:bulletorange: Mitose Lolita F Toffee-Tama (200)
:bulletblue: Natsuyo Hanbok S-010
:bulletblue: Mitose and Soku C Ryoukkun
:bulletblue: Kiriko Bust F Calvariae
:bulletblue: Natsuyo and Makoto C Calvariae
:bulletblue: Haruki and Kiriko F Fugari
:bulletorange: Haruki and Kiriko by Zeilyan (2396)

:bulletblue:3 Character Point Commission for Shottis DONE!
:bulletblue:Commissions for Eehli DONE!
:bulletblue:Catalina PC for xKonekoSanx DONE!
:bulletblue:Marry for Doria-Plume DONE!
:bulletblue:OC Trade for Lunare-chan WAITING REFERENCE
:bulletblue:wicked-witch-of-east for wicked-witch-of-east DONE!

ASK CuzzaCurry

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Hello all!

I would like to announce the winners for the That's My Girls Contest!
It has been some time since the contest closed and I and some judges have been busy off and on so please forgive us for the delay!
Here are the winners, the reasons why we particularly liked them and the original list of prizes. I am in the process of contacting everyone who donated prizes to remind them that they did, what they donated, etc.

WINNERS: PLEASE allow the prize donators to contact you, do not contact them unless you have not heard from them during a few days since this. Respect them and give them a few days to contact you; they may be out of town or very busy at this moment so please give them some time before you go contacting them; then, if they have not contacted you asking what you'd like, feel free to ask them politely in a note, notify them and remind them that you are a contest winner of this contest and due to their generosity how you have been able to take part in this contest and what you would like from them. Thank you all for your understanding! :iconloveloveplz:

Here are the winners:

1st place
:iconla-sera:'s entry of Miyuki
We chose this as first place because the friend that I originally held this contest for for his birthday liked this best. He described Miyuki in this as adorable and was very captivated with all of the lacey detail put into both her outfit as well as the impressive lace-border background. Putting her in the maid outfit was a nice touch, and the cake has some lovely detail as well. We all also very much enjoyed her idea on Miyuki's outfit; it is still similar to the original in design but with some added touches of change and creativity here and there as well; very becoming of the character. Although many and most people decided to draw Miyuki (even though she is quite the minor character) this Miyuki was our overall favorite and the birthday boy's most favorite overall of one character. The pose, although simple is also very dynamic in that she is standing but a lot of movement is still seen in the piece.

2nd place
:iconlightning--strikes:'s entry "Summer Fun"
We chose this as 2nd due to the number of characters put in the work (a lot of effort) and also how they are portrayed. The ideas of the designs for the bathing suits for the girls are original and yet relative to their characters and personalities at the same time. We particularly liked Natsuyo's Mitose's and Miyuki's clothing designs in this piece. We liked Ritsuko's and Kiriko's as well; but the touch of originality and creativity to the other girls outfits was particularly nice. Also, the sky-like background, although simple adds a nice touch and helps to further communicate the beachiness/outdoorsness of the image. It was a very traditional way to fill space without making the characters appear to be just floating in a sea of transparency; which all judges really appreciated.

3rd place
:iconjigokuneko:'s entry of Ritsuko
We chose this because of how darling and playful the image is. The curved bowl perspective of the beach is a very interesting touch and we also particularly liked the clothing design for Ritsuko. This was also one of VERY few entries that listened to the guidelines of body type and even less followed; skin tone. The girls purposely have a range of different body types and skin tones (as do the male characters) in the story because not everyone is the same. We really appreciated the fact that :iconjigokuneko: followed this here and also that she included Ritsuko's tan lines because these are an important part of Ritsuko's character as this is her main hobby. The braid band put in her hair is also a very charming and flirty touch. We also greatly appreciated the use of a background because it is nice to not see someone simply floating through a sea of transparency. This entry provided one of the most complete background of all of the entries and although background was not required for entry; including a background, even if simple shows further effort and also creates more of a setting and feeling to the image.

Here is the list of prizes. The donators of these prizes are being contacted at the moment with the list of winners so they know whom to draw/donate to. Thank you all again for your entries!
Prize list:…

If anyone would like a deeper explanation of what we particularly liked about your image or what it may have lacked compared to others, feel free to contact me. :iconloveloveplz:
Also, if anyone would be interested in entering future contests (likely only of a single character next time), please state so as we are trying to decide if we should make future contests or if interest seems to be dying out. The prizes points-wise would likely be the same as this time.


KIRI = 1000 points!


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Capturing-the-Light Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you so much for taking the time to add my work to your favourites, it is appreciated
RegInsenser Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2012
muchas felicidadees!! ^ ^
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KIRI = 1000 points! You mean kiriban? :meow: What number did You choose? :D
Ritsukochan Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2012
^_^;; It is some time old dear. I am sorry. The kiriban was missed some 4 times so I stopped doing it. XD
IgAgI Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Ok, I understand :iconokayfaceplz:
bejja Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
contest still not closed now?
Ritsukochan Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2012
THe contest has closed dear. I am sorry. I am in the process with my other judges (one of them is out of town at the moment) of choosing the winning entries! Thank you for your interest, but the contest is now closed so you may not do any additional entry. But I thank you for the first one you did again and the winners will be announced as soon as possible. :heart:
bejja Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
I didnt plan to draw more entry, just asked what's up plus your avatar is pretty cute. who made that?
AniArie Featured By Owner May 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
thx for watching~
ArtistAllie Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Sorry for making you wait such a long time hun! T^T

Hope you still like it though!! :heart::hug:
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